Job Club

Job Club

The Job Club is a weekly social gathering to support people seeking or just starting employment.

We meet once a week on Thursdays from 2:00pm to 3:30pm in our online AIM Grid environment at the virtual Shine Gallery.  Here we discuss progress and exchange tips and strategies, as well as other events such as activities and presentations by guest speakers.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved (either as a participant or a guest speaker) please feel free to send an E-mail to one of the following addresses:


‘The level of interest, friendliness, professionalism and variety remains of a high standard.’ Nov 17

‘I learnt a lot from Job Club as it gives useful information.’ Sept 17

‘I most liked taking part in all activities such as interview practice, the snakes and ladders where we collected notecards that had job related information. Sept 17

Schedule 2019

19th JanuaryProject Discussion and Planning
We'll use this session to plan what we want to do!  Discussing options for projects, and come to an agreement for going forward.
24th JanuaryProject Planning
We will create individual plans for each build space, deciding what items will be needed, the spaces they will need, and who will be best suited to work on what.  Teams will guided by Adam and Kitty.
31st JanuaryRound Table: Roles
We will be discussing the roles of people who might be using or visiting one of our spaces, and beginning to create furniture.
7th FebruaryRound Table: Continued
Further discussion of visitor and user roles and interaction, and continuing to create furniture or beginning work on individual contributions.
14th FebruaryInventory and Visiting
Learners will complete inventory of their spaces, and we'll take turn visiting eachother's spaces including hosting for one another.
21st FebruaryField Trip to PRISM Island
We will be visiting PRISM Island for a tour of the projects being worked on there.  Learners will get to ask questions and give feedback to the PRISM participants.
28th FebruaryContinued Building and Planning
Work will continue on creating the Gift Shop and Café, and we will be planning out the grand opening for both.
7th MarchResponsible Reporting
This week we will start to learn about Responsible Reporting, and create a room for our job project.
14th MarchRound Table: Difficult Interactions
A discussion of difficult interactions and how (and how not!) to react.  Situations such as a negative review from an employer or a difficult customer, bad behaviour or complaints, and so on.
21st MarchYour Best Self
Review of your 'best self' and creating the perfect storm for getting a job.  How to manage your outfit, handling your CV, introducing yourself, and all sorts of other things.
28th MarchFinding Opportunities
This week we will be looking at where to search for a job, networking, pursuing opportunities and the resources available to job seekers.