You do not need to enrol in a formal programme to access our interesting, ever-evolving virtual space.

If you simply want to have a space to practice and explore your creativity or develop your 3D modelling skills, why not subscribe?  Subscription offers flexibility and you can opt into activities that appeal to you.

For £7 per week (£5 during the summer!) you can have access to:

  • a personal 3D building space
  • discounted master classes on 3D modelling, scripting and tips for creating amazing virtual spaces
  • a variety of social networking opportunities
  • Job Club, which includes employer workshops and interactive sessions
  • discounted courses and workshops

There is also a 1-time setup fee of £25, covering account and avatar creation and an initial orientation session.

The minimum requirements to access our virtual environment are as follows:

CPU: Intel 4th Generation i3, or AmD Quad Core APU
RAM: 4GB RAM or more
Hard Drive Space: 20GB free space
Screen resolution: 1280*720, or greater
Audio: Sound output and microphone - we recommend a headset!
Operating System: Windows Vista, 7, 8.1, 10 or MAC OS10.6+ Intel only
Graphics: Intel HD 4000, AMD HD 8330G, or better
Mouse: Optical mouse

In the event you do not have a computer, or a computer that meets the minimum requirements to use our services, please contact us through the information on our Contact page.  It is possible we will be able to assist you with acquiring one.

If you are an organisation wishing to purchase group subscriptions, please contact us for prices.