Teleportation 'Rail Network' to Come

Teleportation 'Rail Network' to Come

A map of the SJC section of the AIM GridAutus and Autus at Night have been very busy lately and here is a longer report on what they have been getting up to!!

The Learners are working on a joint project to create a teleport system in the "community". There is going to be a train station on the sim which was previously home to Digital Horizons. This will include a depot and some train cars.

Inside the station there will be a destination board that will hold a notecard giver with teleport links. The depot build will be rezzed on whichever sims the team decides would be most useful.

Once the depots are in place the team will move onto the next phase which will include creating trails, roads or paths to lead from each depot to each destination, then create and implement signage to use throughout.

So far 3 depots have been decided which are marked on this community map image for you all to see!!

We look forward to posting more updates about this amazing project soon. The Social Job Club is kindly funded by the Wates Foundation. More information about this wonderful organisation can be found here:

(Reporting kindly provided by Solly)