SJC 14th March

SJC 14th March

Some further information on the Autus at Night and Social Job Club!!

This weeks March winner of Trivia was James W! Many congrats to him!! It was 30 questions on the subject of compter history (compiled by Rachael). He won a badge as the prize which had a lovely Shamrock celebrating March as St Patrick's Day

So far this year our winners have been:

January - Hadley

February - Nathen

March - James W

The next Trivia Night will be on Tuesday 16th April due to our Spring Break holidays

Everyone is excited to see if we have a new winner next month or will the earlier winners triumph again! Time will tell

The work on the Social Job Club's Boulevard continues to take pace and we look forward to see more of what the team achieve during the next month!

The Social Job Club is kindly funded by The Wates Foundation. More information about this wonderful organisation can be found here