SJC Goal Garden!

SJC Goal Garden!

Kitty's GardenHello and welcome to a long overdue edition of the Social Job Club Autus blog! I have missed writing blogs for you all so much and now that I am out of my burnout phase I am ready to write up all about the fabulous goings on at the AIM Grid in which Autus makes its base. For this season of Social Job Club it has been all about setting up goals and following them through. We have had a fair bit of discussion around what our goals are in life and how we aim to achieve them. For the project, we started building little gardens, called ‘Goal Gardens’ to get a better feel of it and to learn more about building using the AIM Grid.Solly's roses

I am not an expert on building virtual items, in fact I am pretty much a novice and try to avoid building anything in the space at all costs. This is why I have this job writing to you after all. But after much pouting and ‘what ifs’ I finally rolled up my imaginary sleeves and got to work building one single red rose. And here’s how it went:

As you see, it's not the most perfect rose ever built in a virtual world, but it is my rose. We dubbed it the 'frankenrose'. I think one of my goals should be to try to get better at building on the virtual world. Other learners had far better luck than I did with building their goal gardens. Adam did a wonderful koi pond which looks straight out of a glossy catalogue! And look at those koi!Adam's pond

Others who have built lovely goal gardens include Nathen’s blooming sunflowers who live up to their name and they rise up to the sky to soak up those rays and Stephan who has built a game to go along with his plants. We will be having many more updates in the future so stay tuned!

- Solly
Nathen's sunflowersH's gardenDavid's garden