KeyTech 2021 - Latest Blog Post

KeyTech 2021 - Latest Blog Post

Hello and welcome to another edition on what is going on at KeyTech! We had the stunning conclusion of the Round the World race and the winner was Ben! Ben has won a voucher and other prizes and also has a lovely trophy that he can display in the virtual world. Well done Ben and well done to everyone that took part. In fact, we have an interview with the winner about his time in the programme.

Solly: Hello Ben


Ben: Hi Solly

Solly: First can you introduce yourself and tell us more about your role in Keytech?

Ben: I'm 40 and I've been working with Autus for nearly 6 years. I've been attending career-tech for 2 years and through Keytech I have been chosen for Support Texture Creation

Solly: What have you enjoyed in Keytech?

Ben: I've enjoyed working in a big, nicely-designed virtual building, decorating it and seeing fellow workers' decoration ideas. I have heard all sorts of stories about everyone's past work experiences - types of company, company practices and office practices and what amazing kinds of jobs are out there
Ben: The best thing has to be working with an American and hearing about what she has seen and heard over there in her working life. I am also pleased that I was chosen to create the Keytech logo. I enjoyed working on it and I like how it's turned out

Solly: Would you recommend Keytech to others?

Ben: Yes. The important thing is to tell people what your dreams are and then the steps slowly start becoming clear

Solly: Thank you Ben

Ben J2E: Thank you Solly

- Solly