Connect 4D: Local Democracy

Connect 4D: Local Democracy

Our year-long research project, Connect 4D, is finally drawing to an end!

The result includes a sim and accompanying video that describes the results of the project, designed in large part by our participants, many of whom have Autism.

The overall project aim is to inform young adults about the ways they can get involved with Local Democracy in the Greater London area.

The majority of the project was executed by the participants, including setting up and attending meetings and interviews with volunteer professionals involved in the democratic process, from councillors to lobbyists to MPs. Many elements of the project involved learning new skills, including the design and creation of the video. Credit is also due for the participants who undertook face to face meetings; an unfamiliar and stressful experience for many of our member.

We would like to thank Team London for their funding and support with this project. It has provided valuable learning and insight to all involved.

Please contact if you would like to organise a visit to your school, college, or organisation presenting our project.