Social Job Club Blog Entry 1: Summer

Social Job Club Blog Entry 1: Summer

Welcome to the Social Job Club blog in which I will be detailing the goings-on here at the SJC virtual world for all of you to take a peek at! This summer we are focusing on building a classic games board for everyone to enjoy. In this blog I chatted to Ben, who is a participant and is building an interactive pool table!

Solly: Hello Ben is it ok if I ask a few questions for the blog?

Ben: Hi Solly, yes

Solly: First of all, can you tell me about the game you have built?

Ben: I've made a pool table and wheel of fortune. Pool is one of my favourite games and the wheel of fortune is one of the most artistic TV game show devices I've seen so there's a lot of scope there for exercising design skills

Solly: Good. What do you think when you hear the words 'summer employment?'

Ben: A temporary job. Working in a shop seems to be the first thing that comes to mind but there are always summer events that need staff and volunteers

Solly: I should have asked this earlier... Why did you choose this game?

Ben: Something I don't like about the UK is the fact that nearly all pool tables have the red and yellow balls instead of the spots and stripes. The spots and stripes with the numbers on are more interesting to play with

Solly: That is a great answer, thank you. Last question: what do you like about SJC?

Ben: The variety of designing projects and people and socialising is continuing brilliantly. I'd also like to say I'm doing Emerge which is all about setting up your own business so I don't know how much more time I can commit to SJC or getting a summer job

Solly: Thank you so much ben