Interview Tips and Tricks

Interview Tips and Tricks

As part of the Keytech series here at Autus, we prepare young people on the autism spectrum for the world of work. This blog will focus on interview techniques as said in the last session.

So the employer saw your CV, liked it and has requested that you turn up for an interview! That is very good news but now you are nervous as you do not know what to do. Well help is at hand as in this blog we shall tell you the top tips to prepare and hopefully ace the interview and get the job that you always wanted. Interviews are hard for everyone but especially hard for people on the autism spectrum.

  1. Research is the Key

By now you should know the position that you are being interviewed for. But do you know the location of the company? The history? What they are most known for? These are essential things to know as they make you seem more knowledgeable and passionate about the company and therefore an extra point on their scoresheet. A good start is to look on their website or LinkedIn pages. LinkedIn is a very valuable tool that can help you connect with industry professionals and help you look for jobs in your field. After all that, write it all in a notebook and keep it handy.

  1. Look and Dress Smart

No one likes someone who looks like they do not put effort into themselves, job interview or not. A day before and on the day of the interview, make sure you have a shower and dry your hair. If you have not had a haircut, make sure to schedule one in, and if no hairdressers are available ask a close person to do it for you. On the night before the interview, wash and iron your clothes. Make sure there is no wrinkle left on your suit or shirtdress. On the day of the interview, put on light cologne for boys and natural make up and light perfume for girls. Make sure your hair is neat and tidy. Carry an umbrella in case it rains and wear sensible footwear.

  1. Prepare Yourself

A good idea, a week before the interview, is to ask for any special measures like having the questions beforehand or a quiet space for the interview. These are very useful for people on the spectrum as it will make them feel calm and less likely to get caught out. If they are granted, practice the questions with a parent or someone you are close to. Also if you have a portfolio, send it to the employer beforehand and take a copy with you to the interview itself along with a notebook of things you want to ask them. Stay firm and calm during the interview and make eye contact. Be yourself and relax, and answer the questions how you normally would, as you have done the preparation beforehand. At the end, shake hands with them and thank them for their time. If you failed and did not get the job, ask the employer for their feedback on how you did and use that information for next time.

If you want to learn more about how to ace an interview and other job finding tips, you can register your interest at to be in the know when the Keytech sessions run.